Sunday, March 17, 2013

Using the Silhouette

Since I am not teaching Cricut classes at the present time, I decided to sell one of my Cricut Machines on Craigslist.  I wasn't using that particular machine anyhow so once it was sold, I purchased a Silhouette Cameo.  I love it.  I created this layout using only the Silhouette.  The chevron borders were sized according to what I needed to create a complete border.  The "Cougars" title came with one shadow but I was able to create an additional shadow - so the title is three layers.  Last but not least - I try not to waste so the photo corners are the waste from the borders.  This machine has unlimited possibilities.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Single Picture Layouts

Sometimes you have that one random picture that is important to you (or just simply cute).  I find these random pictures challenging to scrap as I prefer to complete two page layouts for the scrapbook albums that I create.  My albums are organized by owner (child) and then by date.  So having single page layouts can become a problem as you may have some empty spots within your album.  I decided that is okay.  The albums never seem to be completely done anyhow.  Just when I think it is done, I find something else that should go in it.  Trust me, give it a try, step out of the box, create a single page layout.  You can do it.  Oh and the one thing to be aware of, it will take you just as long to create a single page layout as it does a double page layout.

Friday, May 18, 2012

This is one of each of Jami and Natalie's layouts from 2010-2011 dance year.  I feel compelled to post this because we just finished another year of dance pictures at the studio.  It is so fun to see the girls all dressed up and ready to perform.  One month to go until our recital.  I will have about twenty layouts to complete when this is all done. 

I did tell Natalie that if she keeps this up, by the time she graduates high-school, the only thing her guests (at graduation) will have time to look at will be her dance albums. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scene Stamping

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Savanna, Illinois for four days and do nothing but scene stamp.  It was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much.  I didn't scrap anything, no pictures were involved whatsoever.  Sometimes it is very nice to focus on just creating scenic art. 

Scene stamping is very different to me compared to what I would call "regular stamping".  It is more of a challenge.  What I enjoy most is creating life.  Obviously, I enjoy creating life as a mother.  :)  So Happy Mother's Day to me.  I created new life. 

This is a scene that I cased from the Sutter Website.  I love it and wanted to re-create it for myself.  It is not totally complete yet, but I love it.  Being a farm scene, it helped me find my happy place. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Cricut Circle Cosmo Cricket Magazine Challenge

Contest Rules: Use any Cosmo Cricket product, at least three Cricut cuts, and any Cuttlebug folder. Contest will open on August 20th. Please upload a working link or picture of your project to the blog under the Magazine Challenge tab. One entry per person. Entry deadline is Friday, September 9th. The winner of this contest will receive $150.00 credit on! Don’t forget to take a high resolution picture so if you win, you can send it in for the Magazine!

It just so happens that I had just created a design that fell into this category perfectly.  I used the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder on the scarecrow's pants and hat to give him more dimension.  I think he is cute opposed to frightening. 

Monthly Cricut Circle Challenge - August

The Challenge: Create a project of your choice utilizing your Cricut Cut Images to create a scene! (You are not required to use it, but your latest Circle Exclusive cartridge, Pop-Up Neighborhood, has tons of great images for building a scene!) Your project must include atleast 2 different Cricut Image Cuts.

We all know how much I love to create scenes with my layouts.  Here is my newest scene that I created.  The unique feature is the side profile using Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge and the fact that I used the clothing from Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge.  Yes, the images are interchangeable.  Also, the backpacks were cut from Printing 101 -- sized to fit the dolls perfectly. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's Be Patriotic

Using the Stand and Salute Cartridge, cut the following: 
Using red cardstock, press Blackout Creative Feature, #5 at size 1½”, cut 10.   (banner)
Using red cardstock, press Shadow Creative Feature, Shift #6 at size 3”, cut 1. (hat layer)
Using royal blue cardstock, press Blackout Creative Feature, #11 at size 3”, cut 1.  (star)
Using royal blue carstock, press Shift #6 at size 3”, cut 1. (hat top layer)
Using white cardstock, press Blackout Creative Feature, Shift #6 at 3”, cut 1.  (hat layer)
Using white cardstock, press Blackout Creative Feature, #11 at size 1”, cut 10.  (star)

**Assemble hat in this order from bottom to top – white, red, scrap of lt. blue, royal blue

Using the Cricut Classic Font Cartridge, cut the following: 
Press Mix ‘n Match Mode.  It is important to select the mode first.  Then as you use the creative features, it will activate on the previous image.  For this layout you will use red cardstock press Shift Lock, R – Chunky Creative Feature – E – Tall Ball Creative Feature – D – Italics Creative Feature - ; - press cut. 

Using the Simply Charmed Cartridge, cut the following: 
Using red cardstock, press #42 at size 3”, cut 1. 
Using white cardstock, press Layer 1 Creative Feature, #42 at size 3”, cut 1.
Using light blue cardstock, press Layer 2 Creative Feature, #42 at size 3”, cut 1.
Assemble your rainbow/cloud image and then using scissors, remove the cloud and discard.

Using the Graphically Speaking Cartridge, cut the following: 
Using light blue cardstock, press Word Creative Feature, Shift #12 at size 2 ½”, cut 1.  (blue)

Using the Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge, cut the following: 
Using royal blue cardstock, press Shift #7 at size 3”, cut 1. (Ampersand symbol)

Using the Winter Frolic Cartridge, cut the following: 
Using white cardstock, press Phrase Creative Feature, #15 at 4”, cut 1.  (white)  Using scissors, remove the word Christmas as discard so you are left with the word WHITE.

Matting:  The photo mats are designed to hold four 4” x 5¾” pictures, cut 4 at 4¼” x 6”, use royal blue cardstock or a mixture as to your preference.

Step it Up:  Add stickles to your layout, thin layers work best. 

Assembly:  Cut your pattern paper so you have two pieces that measure 4” x 11½”, one for the left page of the layout and one for the right page of the layout. 

Using a ruler, measure down 3” and place five banner pieces on each side.  They will begin about ¼” in on left side and end about ¼” on the right side.