Friday, May 18, 2012

This is one of each of Jami and Natalie's layouts from 2010-2011 dance year.  I feel compelled to post this because we just finished another year of dance pictures at the studio.  It is so fun to see the girls all dressed up and ready to perform.  One month to go until our recital.  I will have about twenty layouts to complete when this is all done. 

I did tell Natalie that if she keeps this up, by the time she graduates high-school, the only thing her guests (at graduation) will have time to look at will be her dance albums. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scene Stamping

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Savanna, Illinois for four days and do nothing but scene stamp.  It was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much.  I didn't scrap anything, no pictures were involved whatsoever.  Sometimes it is very nice to focus on just creating scenic art. 

Scene stamping is very different to me compared to what I would call "regular stamping".  It is more of a challenge.  What I enjoy most is creating life.  Obviously, I enjoy creating life as a mother.  :)  So Happy Mother's Day to me.  I created new life. 

This is a scene that I cased from the Sutter Website.  I love it and wanted to re-create it for myself.  It is not totally complete yet, but I love it.  Being a farm scene, it helped me find my happy place.