Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scene Stamping

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Savanna, Illinois for four days and do nothing but scene stamp.  It was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much.  I didn't scrap anything, no pictures were involved whatsoever.  Sometimes it is very nice to focus on just creating scenic art. 

Scene stamping is very different to me compared to what I would call "regular stamping".  It is more of a challenge.  What I enjoy most is creating life.  Obviously, I enjoy creating life as a mother.  :)  So Happy Mother's Day to me.  I created new life. 

This is a scene that I cased from the Sutter Website.  I love it and wanted to re-create it for myself.  It is not totally complete yet, but I love it.  Being a farm scene, it helped me find my happy place. 

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