Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Most Favorite Layout Ever!

This is the first layout that I have created for Baby Lindsi's album.  Yes, she is almost six months old, good thing that I have eighteen years before she graduates.  I loved this layout so much, I have created several versions of it. 

3 sheets red cardstock        2 sheets black cardstock
2 sheets white cardstock     2 sheets tan cardstock
George & Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge
Ashlyn’s Alphabet Cricut Cartridge
Mini Monograms Cricut Cartridge
Home Décor Cricut Cartridge
Walk in My Garden Cricut Cartridge

Use 2 sheets of white cardstock as your base.

Cut one sheet of the black cardstock in half, so that you have two pieces that measure 6” x 12”. Place one 2½” from the top on the left page and one directly at the top for the right page. Do not adhere the right page as the circle will go underneath the black 6” x 12” piece.

Cut one 3” x 12” strip from the tan cardstock for the left page of your layout. The remaining cardstock will be used for mats and/or titles. Place the 3” x 12” strip ¾” from the bottom of the left page, it will overlap the black a little, this is perfect.

Using the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge, cut the following:
One circle at 9”, one circle at 10” and one circle at ½” using the two sheets of red cardstock. You will also cut two black circles, one at ¾” and the other at ½”. The circle is located at Shift #11 (or Shift Q). The 9” circle is for the left page and the 10” circle is for the right page.

Using the Mini Monograms Cartridge, cut the following:
Load your mat with the remaining piece of red cardstock and cut two scallop circles at 4½”, button #48.

Load your mat with the tan cardstock and cut two scallop circles at 4½”, button #48.

Using the Home Décor Cartridge, cut the following:
Load your mat with black cardstock and cut the word “Memories” out at size 1 ½”, button #41. Or you can choose from the following sentiments:

Simplify, #42 Hope, #43 Miracle, #44 Create, #45 Love, #46
Forever, #47 Explore, #48 Adore, #49 Beautiful, #50

You will also cut the flourish; select the SHADOW Creative Feature, size 1”, button #3

Using the Ashlyn’s Alphabet Cartridge, cut the following:
Cut your title using size 1½” using the Block Creative Feature. Some title suggestions are as follows:

That’s Amore!, I Will, You’re Mine, I’m Yours – the possibilities are endless. The idea behind this is intimacy. As others view your scrapbook albums, there may be some journaling that is private and you don’t want shared with everyone. Use this technique to “hide” your special thoughts and feel free to leave your legacy behind. Keep in mind in choosing your title; you may have to use a smaller size if the title is longer than the examples above.

Using the Walk in My Garden Cartridge, cut the following:
Cut the daisy flower by pushing button #1, you will need one black at size 3”, 2” and 1½” and you will need one red at size 2½” and 1½”.

The mats on this page are as follows: 4¼” x 6”, cut 3 using tan cardstock. Ink the edges with black.

You will need one additional mat that measures 3¾” x 3¾” to go inside your hidden journaling box.

Hidden Journal Box – fold each scallop circle in half so that one scallop is folded in half (you will get a half bump if you have folded correctly). After each scallop circle is folded in half, you assemble the square with four 90 degree corners. 

Step It Up:
Cut the year and place vertically, size 1” using Ashlyn’s Alphabet Cartridge
The flowers can be substituted for silk flowers placed with brads or buttons in the center
The flowers can be substituted for other embellishments to fit the theme of your layout.
Take a look at the right page of your layout; it can be used four ways, just turn it.

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