Saturday, March 16, 2013

Single Picture Layouts

Sometimes you have that one random picture that is important to you (or just simply cute).  I find these random pictures challenging to scrap as I prefer to complete two page layouts for the scrapbook albums that I create.  My albums are organized by owner (child) and then by date.  So having single page layouts can become a problem as you may have some empty spots within your album.  I decided that is okay.  The albums never seem to be completely done anyhow.  Just when I think it is done, I find something else that should go in it.  Trust me, give it a try, step out of the box, create a single page layout.  You can do it.  Oh and the one thing to be aware of, it will take you just as long to create a single page layout as it does a double page layout.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I'm going to go for it....the dreaded and always forgotten single page layout. Sometimes I forget that's how I started scrapping. Thanks for the gentle reminder Mel, love it!