Wednesday, August 5, 2009

February 2009 Cricut Club

I was inspired by this project by my boys. The two older boys both have a special young lady in their life, so I took pictures of each couple on Valentine's Day. How sweet is that? For the most part, Cricut Club in Febuary was a hit. I had procrastinated posting anything because there were a few negative comments to this project. I have since learned to take the good with the bad. :) The comments were not actually bad, just truthful. So I am thankful for the honesty. The thing for me to always remember is to try to make more choices available for my students. A great learning experience. So I have changed how I do things a bit as you will see with upcoming posts.
So here is the long awaited February 2009 Cricut Club project. The cartridges used are StoryBook, New Arrival and A Walk in My Garden.

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