Monday, January 19, 2009

December Cricut Club

Well, our lovely Best Buy Geek squad called on Saturday to tell me that my camera is not covered under warranty and it was going to cost me $80 to fix it. So what exactly does that warranty cover? The quick answer is NOTHING. Aside from the fact that my camera was to be done and returned to me by Jan 18th. Today is the 19th and do I have a camera - NOPE. I will never buy another warranty.

Done with my tangent now, so I guess today I will share what I created for my December meeting of Cricut Club. My students had a great time creating this layout. Again, I used double sided papers. You will not find me using double sided papers very often and not use both sides. I am pretty greedy with my paper and don't want to miss out on any patterns. Love them but find them frustrating. So many choices.

I use to hoard the pattern paper because it was all so pretty and I didn't want to mess it up. Now I find myself hoarding the double sided pattern paper. Getting better - working thru my addiction. Or at least trying too.

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