Monday, January 12, 2009

November Cricut Club

Yes, I am putting up old projects. My digital camera is in the repair shop. It is under warranty so they will take their sweet time fixing it, I am sure. What motivation do they have, they will not be getting paid for the service. Anyhow, this is the November Cricut Club project that I taught in November - obviously. In the first version of this project used real, metal hinges but since I teach Cricut classes, I needed to use the hinges on Fabulous Finds. For future reference, know that you need to make very small hinges or else the holes get too large. In other words, as the hinges get bigger, so do the holes. Bummer. Or else use the blackout version of the hinge and put in your own holes. Just thought of that as I was typing so I may need to give that a try.

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